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Welcome to the Alameda Social Club


SanMan Productions created The Alameda Social Club with one main purpose in mind, to connect the people of Alameda through events.  Alameda is such a special place filled with so many great people and families who love to have a good time and celebrate a vibrant lifestyle.  We wanted to use the vehicle of events to give people a chance to get together and celebrate with one another. 

Developing Friendships
Through these events, we hope that our members not only create great memories, but also develop new friendships and relationships that enrich their personal lives as well as help us build a stronger community.

Celebrate the Art of Living Well
At SanMan Productions we invite our supporters to join us as we celebrate the art of living well. The Alameda Social Club will be no different. We will partner with Alameda’s finest businesses to create an ongoing series of special events that appeal to the various tastes that make up the island community of Alameda. We will also use our relationships with other venues, restaurants and select vendors to offer events and experiences that help you discover the Best of the Bay Area.
We want the people of Alameda excited about the prospect of meeting new people, discovering new, cool places and enjoying fabulous events. Won’t you join us as we celebrate the art of living well – Island style?



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